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icon Take a photo with your camera and get back a photo of another user immediately!

One for one! Each photo will be received only once by exactly one person!

Answer specifically to a received photo to stay in touch with users. 
You can leave a short message and send your current location.
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photos swapped
(since 16.03.2011)

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Calendar and Notes

icon Simplify your dates and notes with Calendar and Notes Pro!

This widget accesses the system's internal calendar app. This way it allows you the synchronization of e.g Google, Android and Exchange calendars. 
There are two types of calendar view - week and month view – so you can easily overlook your next appointments.
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Gear Genius

icon Connect the given gears in a manner that all gears are rotating at the end!
Sounds easy but can be very tricky.
Note that there are only three different sizes of gears and only certain combinations of them lead to success!
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Slideshow Wallpaper

icon Customize your desktop background with this cool picture fading slideshow of eg. your holidays, pets, girlfriend, boyfriend, cars, ...

The images can be faded in or scrolled in from above or from below.
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